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We are not currently running any therapy groups but will post details when a new group is beginning. If you are particularly interested in group therapy please do contact us and let us know.

What are the aims of group therapy?

Help clients to identify difficult behaviours or beliefs.

Solve emotional difficulties through awareness and feedback and thus improve one's ability

Provide a supportive environment for all participants.

Who is group therapy for?

Clients with:

What is group therapy?

Group therapy involves using counselling methods to work with mental distress, social or emotional problems, eg to help individuals to develop coping strategies.

In group therapy individuals discuss things in a group environment. The group setting is particularly good for focusing on relationship and social problems. The group setting provides a safe area to practice new behaviours which will hopefully lead to a lasting change.

What does a typical group therapy session involve?

The sessions are confidential and clients are asked to commit for 8 sessions (the duration of the group is 2 hours).

In each session there will be a maximum of eight clients. The make-up of the groups can be fixed, for example, looking at a specific problem or female clients only. This will need to be discussed with the facilitators in the first instance and agreed by the therapy group members.

Clients opportunity to discuss their emotional and personal difficulties and successes within the group. Importantly, clients are not coerced into taking an active part; the idea is that they open up as their confidence in the group setting builds.

In response to the issues raised the other members provide personal feedback. For example, another group member may have had a similar problem that they managed and they can share how they coped or share their response to hearing what has been raised . The main aim is that clients become aware of their behaviours and alter these to more healthy behaviours.

What are the client fees and contribution?

Mindspace welcomes a contribution between £5-20 for each group therapy session.

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