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CONNECT is a training programme which aims to help adults who have personal experience of mental health issues benefit from learning or work opportunities. It is run by Perth College UHI in partnership with Mindspace.

CONNECT offers pre-vocational training opportunities which can help you:

• Identify skills, qualities and talents.

• Find out about training and work options.

• Improve job-seeking skills.

• Visit local employers and organisations for information/work and study experience.

• Set practical, achievable goals for the future.

What does the course involve?

As a student of Perth College UHI, you will take part in a set of core activities built around personal development, self-awareness, confidence-building, considering options for the future and developing the skills to achieve your goals. Employment counselling is offered, along with visits to local employers and opportunities for work shadowing or study placement. There is an emphasis on communication skills, assertiveness, confidence building and stress management. Group activities and creative sessions encourage relaxation and teambuilding. We welcome suggestions for other topics from our students. The course is run as workshops by Perth College UHI and Mindspace with visiting tutors and speakers.

You can get advice and support from us if you’d like to continue on to further study or training elsewhere.

Is the time right for me to come on a CONNECT course?

If you can answer YES to the following questions, then the time probably is right for you now:

• Are you happy to work in a group?

• Can you commit yourself to two mornings a week?

• Would a supportive training course be exactly the help you need to get into work or study?

• Are you determined to get out and about into the wider world of work, education or volunteering?

If you are interested in our CONNECT course and would like further information, please call 01738 639657.

The first session will take place on Monday 14th September 2020, 10am-12pm and the course runs for 16 weeks on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

To apply for the course, you can download the Referral Form for MS Word or as a PDF and return it to the

Connect Leaflet (pdf)

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