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In these difficult times, Mindspace is providing Recovery College sessions online, and still offering counselling and peer support via telelphone and videocall.

But we are also working hard to produce resources for you to use at home to help keep you well! This page will be updated as soon as we add new resources, so check back regularly!

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY QUIZ RESULTS - If you took part in our quiz, check your answers here! If not, take a read and you may learn something new!

MINDFUL COLOURING SHEETS - Here are some colouring patterns to help you do some mindful colouring! This will draw your attention into the present moment and help you focus and de-stress.

CHRISTMAS CARD DESIGNS - If you are joining Alice and Julie's Colour Connections group, you can use these designs to make your own Christmas card.

EXPLOSION CARD - Here are the instructions to help you make your own explosion card.

For Adults

AN INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS - Click here for a downloadable guide to mindfulness, which will tell you all you need to know to get started on your mindfulness journey!  We also have a selection of online mindfulness resources on our mindfulness page.

TIPS FOR A MINDFUL LIFE - Following on from our Introduction to Mindfulness, here are some useful tips to allow you to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life and enjoy all the benefits this brings!

MINDFULNESS DISCUSSION VIDEO - This video features our adult recovery college facilitators Doug, Rachel, Julie and Rebekah discussing mindfulness and how it can help you during these challenging times.

HOW TO GET A BETTER NIGHT'S SLEEP - If you have problems sleeping, read this guide with tips for managing sleepless nights.

IDENTIFYING YOUR STRENGTHS - This exercise from the Peer Support Service will help you to identify your unique strengths, and recognise how valuable you are! 

A SELF-COMPASSION STORY - Julie, one of our Peer Support Workers and Recovery Facilitators shares her story of self-compassion.

MY PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH ANXIETY - One of our Peer Support Workers takes you through their personal journey with anxiety.

THE DEVELOPMENT OF RESILIENCE - Rachel, one of our Adult Recovery Facilitators, uses her own life story to discuss resilience - what it is and how to develop it.

BEREAVEMENT AND GRIEF - This resource gives you an insight into bereavement and grief, with personal experience from one of our Recovery Facilitators.

STIGMA - Sadly, stigma remains a big issue for those dealing with mental health challenges. One of our Recovery Facilitators discusses this issue, and relates it to their own inspirational story. 

For Young People

HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS - The need for love and belonging is well documented and having strong, healthy relationships improves our self-esteem and wellbeing. Our guide lists tips and things to consider when making friends.

HOW TO TALK SO PARENTS WILL LISTEN - During lockdown, many young people will be spending far more time in the company of your parents/carer and it might not be as easy as you would wish to have the conversations you would like to have. So click here for a mini guide on how to talk so parents will listen.

ACCEPTING FRUSTRATION - With limitations placed on our lives, it is very easy to become frustrated. Here are some tips that could help you deal with this difficult emotion.

THE REAL HEROES - During this difficult lockdown, lets acknowledge all of your efforts and victories - you are the real heroes!

SELF-EXPLORATION DURING ISOLATION - A booklet designed to support young people to explore the things that makes you, you.

INTERVIEW WITH A YOUNG PERSON - Read about the experiences of one young person and how they are coping during lockdown.

SUPPORTING SOMEONE WITH MENTAL ILL HEALTH - This is a resource explaining the skills needed to support someone experiencing mental ill health and how to make a difference in their life.

Our fantastic Young People's Recovery Facilitators Alice and Susana have put together a few reflective questions for you to work through at your own pace. This is an opportunity to think about the things you are grateful for and the all of the achievements you are proud of! These activities are for you, so be honest and remember how amazing you are.

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