Mindspace is passionate about mental health and the promotion of self-management. 

Mindspace Peer Support Hub provides side-by-side support to people living with, or experiencing, mental health difficulties. Our community one-to-one based service is delivered through a blend of one-to-one peer support and/or group activities with an emphasis on supporting and promoting hope, confidence, life skills, connections, independence and relationships.

At the same time, developing and sustaining meaningful, productive and enriched lives within the community.

Peer Support at Mindspace is completely FREE and open to anyone over 16 years of age!

We offer peer support in Perth, Kinross, Crieff, Blairgowrie, Auchterarder and Pitlochry.


If you are interested in using your lived experience to support others, you can  become a qualified Peer Support Worker by completing our Professional Development Award in Mental Health Peer Support. This year’s course starts in September 2023.

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Here’s a short video explaining more about peer support and our service!

What is Mindspace Peer Support?

Peer support is neither mentoring nor befriending but a belief that anyone, with the right support, can live a fulfilled life.

At Mindspace, our peer support workers use and share their personal experiences, focusing on building relationships within a safe learning environment. Both parties have an opportunity to learn from and support each other, focusing on respect, strengths, empathy and hope, with everyone honoured as an expert within their wellbeing and recovery. 

Peer support can be described as help and support from people who have, or are, working through mental health difficulties and using that experience plus their recovery journey to support others.

  • All Mindspace Peer Support Workers have completed SCQF Level 7, Professional Development Award in Mental Health Peer Support and are PVG checked.
  •  It is our aim to match the needs of people referred with the diverse experiences of our peer support workers (experiences, interests, hobbies, skills, availability, etc.)

What does Mindspace Peer Support offer?

We can provide support to:

  • Manage emotional and psychological challenges
  • Explore connections within the community
  • Access education, training, volunteering and work
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Access financial advice and support
  • Access childcare advice
  • Access work experience
  • Access supported employment opportunities
If you are interested in becoming a qualified Peer Support Worker, please click HERE

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