Recovery College

“I have had many different therapies over the years but I was always muddling through. Mindspace has helped me understand and challenge my thoughts more and to ensure I look after my wellbeing……I am starting to believe I am allowed to be happy, I do have something to offer.”

What is Mindspace Recovery College?

Mindspace Recovery College is like any other college where people come together to learn and share. The difference is that at Mindspace, learning will be delivered by people with lived experience and professional experience of mental ill health.

The Recovery College is for anyone over the age of 16. Information about our Young People’s Recovery College can be found here

Through the provision of a safe and creative environment, we aim to help people to:

  • Improve their knowledge of mental health
  • Build their confidence
  • Realise their potential and
  • Participate in community life

At Mindspace we give every student the opportunity to have a discussion with one of our Recovery Facilitators to explore what else the Recovery College can offer.

Here is a short video explaining more about our service.

The Learning?

Learning focuses on several broad themes:-

  • Knowledge on understanding and managing your mental health
  • Skills to help you to maintain positive mental health
  • Skills and knowledge to enjoy your life in the community
  • Specialised training in Peer Mentoring

Mindspace Recovery College will help people feel valued and through learning the right skills help them to live a meaningful life.

How It Works…

Learning will be carried out by a variety of organisations from across the region. The sessions will offer opportunities to better understand mental health challenges, the process of recovery and the hope that taking control of your life and self-management can bring.

The classes on offer range from short one-off sessions to more involved learning leading to SQA Professional Development Awards. A Recovery Facilitator can help you to decide which courses are right for you. Together we can draw up a plan to assist your recovery journey.

“I have found the courses to be fun and interesting because they are interactive – focused but flexible, with varied activities and lots of encouragement and support”

Evenings and Weekends

Most of our courses run during the day, Monday to Friday. However we have recently added an evening and weekend service! Keep an eye on our Courses page to see what’s on during the evenings and on Saturdays.

Who Uses Our Service?

Our main focus currently is on people with a personal experience of mental health, however it is our intention to include carers, relatives, friends, potential employers and anyone else interested in learning more about mental health in the near future.

Personal Stories

You can read the personal stories of students who have used the Recovery College by clicking here!  What Our Students Have To Say