This gentle flowing movement exercise has multiple benefits for both young and old which connects the body, mind and soul. 

What is involved?

Come and try this  practice which dates back thousands of years! 

This course will give an introduction to Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese practice of movement through gentle exercise. Tai Chi promotes good mental health and can increase flexibility and strength throughout various muscle groups.

These are just some of the core benefits:

Increases, maintains and boosts flexibility, co-ordination, muscle strength. 

Helps control stress and sustains balance.

It has strong anti-aging effects, great for joint pain osteoarthritis and tendonitis, fatigue, low energy and trouble sleeping, also suitable for learning disabilities including ADHD.

Who is it for?

Adults with mental health difficulties, related sleep problems and anxiety, and/or mild physical aches and pains. 

When is it?

Friday 23rd June 2023

1.00 – 2.00pm
For 6 weekly sessions 

North Inch Bowling Club
Balhousie Green
Hay Street
Perth PH1 5HT

This course is completely FREE!