This session looks at how anxiety can affect us when it starts to intrude into our daily lives. We will give you tips on how you can deal with the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

What is involved?

There are many ways anxiety can get us down. This one and a half hour session will enable you to  develop an understanding and awareness of anxiety. We will use discussions and videos, and give you tips on some skills that you can quickly develop.

This session acts as an introduction to our other course, Taking Control and or our mindfulness courses. These courses are over 6 weeks and go into more depth as to managing anxious thoughts and feelings.

Who is it for?

This group is for adults or carers who have problems with anxiety or caring for someone with anxiety. This may include feeling on edge all day, not going out or avoiding meeting with people.

When is it?

Tuesday 22nd November 2022

2.00pm – 3.30pm

18 – 20 York Place
Perth PH2 8EH

This course is completely FREE!