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What Kind of Things Could I Talk About in Counselling?

Basically, whatever matters to you or whatever is worrying you. Here are some examples of things other young people have talked about:

• Feeling depressed/anxious
• Making friends/keeping friends
• Chaos at home
• Feeling angry and don’t know why
• Bullying

• Having a tough time
• Parents splitting up
• Death of someone special
• Confused feelings about who I am
• Wanting to hurt myself or others


What you talk about with us is confidential. That means it’s between you and your counsellor. It’s your time and your space to be with someone who is there for you and nobody else.

There is one exception to this: if you or someone else is at risk of serious harm, the counsellor may need to talk to someone else to help keep you safe. However, the counsellor would try to talk with you about this first.

Appointments & Cancellations

Appointments are free of charge. Sessions are currently held over the telephone or via the Zoom online meeting platform.  It is unlikely we will be offering face-to-face sessions until 2021. If you decide counselling is for you at your first appointment, the counsellor will agree a regular time each week for you to meet.

If you have made an appointment with your counsellor he or she will be there to meet you. If you have to cancel please let the counsellor know by telephoning 01738 631639. You may need to leave them a message if they are not there.

If you are interested in this service, please complete our registration form here


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