"I have tried many different therapies over the years, but I was always muddling through. Mindspace has helped me understand and challenge my thoughts more and to ensure I look after my wellbeing... I am starting to believe I am allowed to be happy, I do have something to offer"

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Introduction to Mindfulness
Tips for Mindful Life
Here at Mindspace we offer 3 services to both adults, and young people above the age of 11, to support you and your mental wellbeing in a way that is best suited to you.
counsellingOur Counselling Service provides one to one support if you are facing difficulties or challenges in life. We are also here if you wish to explore yourself for personal development and growth!
Peer Support
Our Peer Support Service is where people who are working through mental health difficulties are using their experience, and their recovery journey, to support others. Our support team share their personal experiences in managing and their own mental wellbeing to a build relationship with you in a safe environment of learning and exploration.
Recovery College
Our Recovery College takes a learning approach to looking after your mental health. In groups we learn with and from each other, gaining skills to help us manage our mental health, while providing a safe space to talk, share experiences and learn of useful ways to cope when things get difficult. Recovery College is where we learn from each other and are able to come together with a group of people who simply understand.
Young People
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