Recovery College

Social distancing measures remain in place to protect everyone’s health, so with this in mind and the restrictions on face-to-face groups, we continue to deliver our Recovery College programme over Zoom. 

Before (and after) completing one of our courses below, please complete the following 2 feedback forms: Wellbeing Questionnaire and Course Feedback & Evaluation.

And please read our Code of Conduct for Zoom courses by clicking here.

Other courses available at Mindspace

Please let us know if you would like us to run these courses again!

Finding happiness

This group looks at some of the misconceptions around finding happiness, and helps you plan to achieve your own happiness.

The Confidence Gap

Learn how to build confidence and self-worth using techniques for long-lasting results through the practice of mindfulness-based therapy.

Discovering Mindfulness

Mindfulness teaches us to direct our attention to what is happening right here, right now, with an attitude of kindness towards ourselves and our experience. 

The art of sleeping

This course will help you not only get enough sleep but also focus on getting good quality sleep – if you often have trouble sleeping, or if you often still feel tired after sleeping, then this is the course for you.

Understanding sessions

Our understanding sessions cover the causes and treatments of a variety of mental health conditions, and the experiences of people who live with them – anxiety, depression, bipolar, OCD, stress.