Here are our resources which can help you on your journey to positive mental health

Personal stories

A collection of stories from staff and users of our service to help you relate to issues you might be facing.

This resource gives you an insight into bereavement and grief, with personal experience from one of our Recovery Facilitators.

One of our Peer Support Workers takes you through their personal journey with anxiety.

Julie, one of our Peer Support Workers and Recovery Facilitators shares her story of self-compassion.

Sadly, stigma remains a big issue for those dealing with mental health challenges. One of our Recovery Facilitators discusses this issue, and relates it to their own inspirational story.

Rachel, one of our Adult Recovery Facilitators, uses her own life story to discuss resilience – what it is and how to develop it.

Exercises & self-help

Some really useful resources which can help you to understand and rectify issues.

Reading is a great way to be free from our worries by getting lost in a great story. It’s also been shown to help develop empathy, to reduce stress, to combat loneliness and even to help you sleep. Here are all the reasons why diving into a good book can improve our lives and our wellbeing!

This exercise from the Peer Support Service will help you to identify your unique strengths, and recognise how valuable you are!

If you have problems sleeping, and want to learn why having a good night’s sleep is so important, read this guide with tips for managing sleepless nights.

Meditation can be an incredibly powerful tool, where we learn to choose our thoughts. Mindfulness meditation is intentionally practising being aware of our thoughts, emotions or sensations as they show up in the present. Meditation isn’t about trying to control or quiet the mind. It is about being at ease with our mind. And, with time, we can develop the skills to notice our auto-pilot reactions to experiences and help to reduce their impact on our lives.

Resources from the Mind website

Mind is a national mental health charity that provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

They have a number of very useful resources on their website – some of which can be found below, others can be accessed on their website. Some of our favourite resources are listed below.


This is our selection of YouTube videos that accompany the our courses Taking Control, The Confidence Gap and Discovering Mindfulness which are offered through our Recovery College Service.