Information and Enrollment Session: Tuesday 25th January 10.00am at Perth College

Start date: Monday 31st January 2022 at 10.00am.

Please complete a Referral Form and return it to Mary Write, Perth College, Crieff Road, Perth PH1 2NX or

We will send confirmation by email upon receipt and will send out information about the information session by Friday 14th January.

The CONNECT course enables you to benefit from training, work or study opportunities!

Personal Development Programme delivered by Perth College in partnership with Mindspace.

College Certificate / Personal Development Units SCQF level 4

Who is it for?

Learners who living with and managing their mental health, who want to gain transferable skills and experience to prepare for their next steps to volunteering, work, training, education community participation.

What is involved?


Teamwork, Communication skills, Assertiveness, Mindset, Goal setting, Wellness, Mindfulness, Resilience. This section of the course will be tutor led and comprise a series of workshops. Learners will build a toolkit of skills and strategies to support them through the rest of the course and provide a foundation for the future.


What does community mean to us? How can we make the communities we live in better for all?       Awareness Raising or Volunteering.

In this part of the course learners become active citizens, developing their team working skills and participate in a group led project on a chosen theme, learners may campaign about something they are passionate about, undertake a piece of volunteering or raise awareness of an issue.

  •  Identifying areas of interest within communities
  •  Self- assess interpersonal skills
  •  Undertake a project demonstrating active citizenship skills within a community
  •  Reflect on effectiveness of project and development of own interpersonal skills

“Everyone was treated equally and I learned tolerance.”

Self Awareness and Identity     

Learners find out more about themselves, their strengths, skills and qualities and areas for improvement. Learners are supported to carry out an individual project on a personal area for improvement. For example, learning to speak up in a group, presentation skills, improve listening skills or another skill which is important to them.

  •  Developing self- confidence and self belief through reflection
  •  Self assess individual strengths and weakness
  •  Undertake a personal project to develop self- awareness
  •  Explore the concept of identity and impact of perceptions of own identity.

“My being feels weller”

This 16-week course takes place two mornings a week (Mondays and Tuesdays) and aims to support people, opening up choices for the future.

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