How Can Counselling Help?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to:

  • Talk over your situation
  • Reach a better understanding of your difficulties
  • Decide on the best way forward for yourself.


The counselling service has an appointment system. We aim to offer the initial appointment soon after you contact us.

You would then have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss your concerns
  • Hear about what counselling and psychotherapy could offer you
  • Find out how the service works
  • Talk over whether you think counselling or psychotherapy is for you.
  • Discuss suitable appointment times for you.

If both you and we consider that counselling would be helpful for you your name will be placed on our waiting list.

We generally offer up to 12 sessions, although you can return for further sessions after a break of 6 months. The sessions last for 50 minutes and ideally you should be prepared to be available on the same day/time each week for the duration of the counselling. Sessions are currently held over the telephone or via the Zoom online meeting platform.  It is unlikely we will be offering face-to-face sessions until 2021.

Who Are The Counsellors?

All our counsellors have completed or are undergoing advanced counselling training – and have supervision and support for their practice. They are trained in a variety of counselling and psychotherapy models.

How Much Will It Cost?

Your initial appointment will be free of charge. If you decide to come for counselling you will be asked to make a contribution towards the costs of the service. The amount you pay will be based on your income and your financial situation. No one is excluded on financial grounds. We also offer a Choice service at a cost of £33 per session. This service has a shorter waiting list.


We know that it is sometimes necessary to cancel appointments. However as far as possible we expect and hope that appointments will only be cancelled or changed when absolutely necessary. Regular attendance for counselling sessions is an important part of the commitment to the counselling process especially if the issues being discussed are difficult ones for you.


We have a detailed confidentiality policy that will be discussed with you in the initial appointment.


We are committed to providing a high quality counselling service to all our clients. If you are unhappy about any aspect of our service please let a member of staff know. It will be discussed with those concerned and you will be informed of the outcome. Our complaints policy can be downloaded here.

Professional organisations and codes of conduct:


You will be asked to complete a questionnaire after counselling has ended.

If you are interested in this service, please complete our registration form here, and email to the address given below (you may have to select ‘enable editing’ when you open the form).