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At a time when young people are questioning their values and their place in the world, the need for support and encouragement is particularly important if they are to develop the resilience needed to cope with adverse conditions and stressful situations which they encounter.

Prevention and early intervention may positively affect a young person’s ability to live a satisfactory and fulfilling life.

The work of Mindspace’s Young People’s Team focuses on self-management and empowerment being all about honouring individuals as experts in their own wellbeing. Through bespoke group work the team supports you to:

  • Understand positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Manage your mental health and support your friends / family
  • Build resilience
  • Know when and how to get more specialised help

The supported group work doesn’t intend to “fix” anyone who decides to participate. Instead, through a carefully designed program, it gives you the power and ability to do it by yourself. That is done by creating a safe environment that provides all the conditions to let you grow:

  • Empowerment – allowing you to feel that you have some control over your life; offering to support you with the ability to solve problems;
  • Making you feel valued, trusted, understood, safe and giving you some sense of belonging;
  • Giving you opportunities to enjoy yourself;
  • Encouraging you to be hopeful and optimistic;
  • Providing understanding / knowledge / self-awareness;
  • Allowing you to be listened to;
  • Delivering a group that responds to your needs and works on what’s relevant for you;
  • Encouraging positive, open peer to peer sharing, so you can understand that “You’re not alone”; this unique environment offers you the opportunity to interact with others to share and explore conflicts and anxieties that you are all going through.

If you are interested in this service, please complete our registration form here, and email to the address given below (you may have to select ‘enable editing’ when you open the form).

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